‘The Face, The Waist’ Trends On Twitter, Proving You Don’t Need A Small Waist To Feel Beautiful


Flat stomach, zero cellulite, and a chiseled jawline- these are some of the features that society erroneously credits as the ‘perfect body’. But for the majority of people out there, achieving these standards are simply unrealistic. Earlier, women spoke out against body shaming and revealed the cruel nicknames they got for their weight. Some celebrities have even rejected these ideals of beauty by posting body-positive pictures of themselves. For instance, Malaika Arora and Kylie Jenner flaunted their stretch marks and won many hearts for keeping it real.

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A new trend recently surfaced on Twitter called “The Face, The Waist”. It started off with people posting pictures of their waists like these:

But eventually, many tweeple gave the trend a body-positive twist. This counter to the initial trend welcomes people of all shapes and sizes with open arms, and more people are joining in for all the right reasons. Check out some of the posts below:

Here’s how people around the world reacted to the refreshing take on the trend:

These wonderful people are making a strong point on how neither your waist, nor your idea of beauty can be constrained and restricted for a chosen few. There should be absolutely no rulebooks for beauty.

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