After ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ Oscar Win, Foreigners Throng To Theppakadu Camp To See Raghu

When I watched ‘The Elephant Whisperers’, a documentary by director Kartiki Gonsalves and producer Guneet Monga, I cried and cried and cried. To watch how elephants are so similar to humans, have unconditional love to give and to see the bond between them and the people who take care of them was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Image source: The Elephant Whisperers

‘The Elephant Whisperers’ tells the story of Bomman and Bellie, a tribal couple living in Tamil Nadu, looking after two baby elephants named Raghu and Ammu. Raghu is an orphan and Ammu is estranged from her mother. However, Bomman and Bellie raise the two elephants as their own children – feeding, bathing, playing football and taking care of them every single day.

Image source: The Elephant Whisperers

The documentary is set in Mudumallai National Park and is a beautiful example of how humans and nature as a whole can co-exist wonderfully without causing harm to each other.

‘The Elephant Whisperers’ recently won an Oscar under the ‘Best Documentary Short Film’ category at the 95th Academy Awards. A lot of people hoped that after this historic win, Bomman and Bellie’s story will not just go global but the couple and the elephants at the national camp will receive the help they need to see better days.

Image source: The Elephant Whisperers

And it seems like better days are ahead. After the Oscar win, a couple of foreigners flocked to Theppakadu elephant camp to see Raghu, where he is currently residing.

“I am from London, we visited here and got to know that two baby elephants from here won an Oscar last night. It is nice to see them, and I really enjoyed seeing them. Elephants are my favourite animal. I am very lucky to see them today,” said a tourist named Grace.

After getting to know that the documentary won an Oscar, Bomman said in an interview, “I still do not know anything about this (Oscar). But I understand that it is very important because everyone has been telling me that this earned India much glory. So that means a lot to us.”

Bellie on the other hand said, “Now, that it (documentary) has won an award; it is a proud moment for the Forest Department, the Mudhumalai camp, and for us as well,” quoted The Indian Express.

Seems like Raghu and Ammu will be getting a lot of visitors in the coming days! 🙂

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