Lucky Guy Gets 2 Date Requests At The Same Time, And The Cutest Love Story Begins

Twitter user Cody is the luckiest guy ever. Born under a lucky star. Here’s why.

Cody Craig, a 23-year-old Computer Science / Pre-Medicine student lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. On 30 November, he received a note while working at a local mall. One of his colleagues passed in along. The note had the digits of a girl and her gay friend (Janae Klumpp and Tanner Forbes). BOTH of them found him cute and wanted to express their interest. Through a handwritten note! If that isn’t good fortune, I don’t know what is.

The tweet went viral, of course. It has over 80,000 retweets and 1100 comments. So much so that he’s now changed his Twitter bio to “The boy with the note”. Netizens soon began offering advice on who he should choose. Some were jealous of his fortunate circumstances. But most just wanted to know, “Phir Kya Hua”?

What a Dilemma!

Say It

A Movie in the making?

We’re curious too

With so many people now invested in this cute episode, Cody decided to share updates.

Yes! Here’s Date number 1

And Date number 2?

In this age of dating apps, such stories are so rare. Love how both friends decided to put themselves out there with the note. And even more love for the way Cody decided to give it a shot. This has to be the cutest, most romantic thing I’ve read today. I really do hope these two hit it off 🙂

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