‘The Archies’ Gets Slammed For Lack Of ‘Indian Representation’, Having ‘White’ Actors

Recently, Zoya Akhtar dropped the poster and teaser for her next film – The Archies. Set in the 1960s, the film will be a musical drama that’s an adaptation of the famous Archies comics. However, not many are pleased with the concept.


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Here’s what people have been complaining about:

1. The film features 3 star kids who are making their debut and hence, promotes nepotism.
2. All the actors are extremely fair-skinned. It fails in its Indian representation.
3. The film looks less Indian and more European.

Some even said that ‘Bridgerton 2’ and other Hollywood films have more Indian representation than ‘The Archies’. Have a look:

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In my opinion, Zoya Akhtar has already made it clear that the film is an adaptation of the Archies comics. This means that the characters in the film will be resembling the comic characters. If the characters would have been dressed in salwar suits and kurta-pyjamas, wouldn’t the audience be complaining that the film isn’t true to the comics?

What do you think?

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