Shashi Tharoor Drops A New Word That’s Making Everyone Run For Their Dictionaries, Again.

Shashi Tharoor and his treasure trove of words is the talk of the Twitter town. Whether it is slamming someone or talking about a serious issue, he is sure to employ his Tharoorian English (yes, that’s a term now) and leave netizens scratching their head. Not only that, people have also tried to imitate him only to fail miserably.

Guess what, our favourite word maestro is at it again!

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This time he was condemning the comment by Vinay Katiyar, the founder-president of the Bajrang Dal and an MP of the ruling party. He recently remarked that Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world will soon be renamed as ‘Tej Mandir’ and tweeted this,

In case you were wondering, this is what Troglodyte means:

Obviously, like every one of his tweets, netizens were quick to jump on this one too. His tweet even reminded some of them of their GRE days.

1. Here we go again!

2. Bahahahahaha…

3. Arey Bhai, there’s an app for that!

4. *Insert myself from Village area meme here*

5. That’s thoughtful.

6. That feeling!

7. Too soon? Sorry, my bad.

8. Getting nostalgic.

9. Some more books perhaps?

Shashi Tharoor seriously needs to consider giving English classes to all of us, so that we are not baffled everytime he types out a tweet. Or perhaps, some reading recommendations?