“I Will Kill It.” Thai Mom Threatens To HANG 1 YO Baby Because Husband Wouldn’t Take Her Calls


I know I have already said this but the world we live in is a scary place and no amount of words can describe my horror. Believe me, I’m far from being a cynic but the headlines of the day bring me face-to-face with the reality and it is nightmarish. No, this is not just home-bound, I mean it when I say ‘the world.’

And, as sad it may sound, I’m here to tell you why.

In a brow-rising incident, a jealous wife from Thailand did something you and I can’t even imagine of. 



The woman, identified as Nareumon Jampasert, recorded herself hanging her one-year-old son by the neck to threaten her husband. According to The Sun, she did so because he wasn’t picking up her calls. 


“You see, Joe. You care about people a lot. This is your son. This is a rope. Look at it. It’s not dead. I didn’t kill it yet. Look at it.

“I will take it to go die somewhere. You have to wait to see me today.”


In fact, the disturbing video also has her saying things like, 

“If you don’t come back to take him you have to wait to see what happens today. You don’t answer my phone, yeah.”

Reports also say that the 28-year-old mother picked up her son and swung him in the air before tugging the rope. She also throttled him on the bed, while he was shrieking from all the pain.

And all because her husband wouldn’t pick up the phone.


Reportedly, She sent the video to her 32-year-old husband, Jakrit Saisupan, who passed it on to his sister and mother who posted it online in a desperate plea for help. The police then hurried to their Bangkok apartment. 

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Investigating officials said that the baby did not have any injuries but would be checked again at the hospital.


On being questioned, the mother confessed,

 “I’m hurting a lot. The first thing I was thinking was that I wanted to kill myself.  I did this to the baby because I wasn’t thinking, and I was emotional. In my heart, I’m thinking my husband does not care about his son, does not care about his wife. I took the baby and I wanted to do something to make my husband hurt. I took the video and sent to him.


State of affairs also stated that the father didn’t want to take the case further terming it as a ‘family disagreement.’


If you have the heart, watch the video here. 


This comes to light after an April incident, when a Thai father live-streamed the moment he hanged his 11-month-old daughter before killing himself on Facebook. No, seriously, what is wrong with people?

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