Thai Cops Pretend To Have Sex Against A Tree To Catch A Couple Filming Porn In Public

We’ve seen Indian cops taking to creatives way to catch criminals. Remember cop Manoj Kumar who went viral for shouting “Thain Thain” to scare the criminals after his revolver got jammed in the middle of an encounter in Sambhal?

Well, seems like cops abroad have been taking inspiration from Indian police to come up with such uber-creative ways to deal with the ones who break the law. At least, a recent stint of Thailand police who simulated having sex against a tree to catch a couple filming their x-rated video in public is proof enough!

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Reportedly, videos of a western man and a Thai woman having sex in different parts of Bangkok like beside a tennis court at Kasetsart University or next to a motorway and in a lift or apartment block hallway among others surfaced recently. These videos triggered an investigation by the Thai police.

The cops began looking for the couple in the videos who were suspected of selling these x-rated videos on adult websites, thereby ‘corrupting the country’s morals’.

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Police Lieutenant Colonel Sarawut Butrdee told Daily Mail,

“The video that has been spreading on the internet shows the couple’s bodies, which makes it easier for us to find them. Our investigation found that they had been filming several scenes of outdoor sex and posting them on an adult video website for money.”

“This behavior is illegal and immoral. Publishing it breaks the Computer Crime Act against publishing obscenity into the public domain,” he added.

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Accordingly, police officers were looking for the couple in question all over the city. Amid all this, a picture of two Thai officers pretending to have sex against a tree surfaced as they demonstrated the crime in a public bid for witnesses.

Now that’s what we call being practical about work!

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