Zuckerberg Plans To Build ‘Jarvis’ From Ironman And Arnold Has The Best Proposal For Him

A lot of us made many resolutions as the new year began. For many of us, quite a few of them have actually been broken already. Yet there are many who are still focused on sticking with them.

Count Mark Zuckerberg as one of them.


We told you about how he had decided to create an Artificial Intelligence system that could help him with work associated with home as well as his office. He intends to create a system like Jarvis from Iron Man and his recent post on Facebook talked about the same.

Naturally when most of us got to know about it, we were intrigued by this new technology which might be able to turn science fiction into a reality. People started asking him all sorts of questions and commented with their views and suggestions.


Yet the best comment came from, of course, the king of sass, Arnold Schwarzenegger who wrote:


Well, who other than he would be better to play the part than him! (Rhetorically of course)

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And while we were laughing our ass off over Arnold’s hilarious comment, Mark did not lose an opportunity to extend the humor and cheekily said,


Not that I am looking forward to a near apocalypse situation (maybe a little, I am a sadist) but wouldn’t it be cool to have an AI with Arnold’s voice! I will make him say all sorts of things, starting with, “I will be back.”

What would you like him to say?

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