Man Says He Cleared Google Interview But Failed Tenant Interview In Bangalore

You’re blessed if you own a house in Bengaluru or at least have already rented a decent apartment there. That’s because life isn’t easy for tenants in the silicon valley of India.

You might have studied at India’s prestigious colleges, must be working at Meta or Google, and might even have an impressive family background, but, chances are you can still fail to get a house because you are too lazy to update your LinkedIn profile.

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Here’s another mind-boggling tale of a Google employee who failed to pass the tenant interview before finally getting a house to stay at.

Taking to LinkedIn, the man, Ripu Daman Bhadoria, shared that he cleared the Google interview but failed the tenant interview in Bangalore.

Sharing more about his journey of house hunting in the city, he wrote:

“Last year (2022), when I relocated back to #Bangalore from #Seattle, I searched for a decent place to rent, but it was extremely difficult due to the high demand post-COVID. Given the demand, many apartment owners started interviewing prospective tenants. I was caught off guard as I miserably failed my first-ever tenant interview.”

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After failing his first-ever tenant interview, he realized that there are harder interviews to clear than Google.

“As I strive to introspect and improve every time I fail, I directly asked the landlord for feedback on my interview performance and if there were any red flags they noticed, since HR/Recruiter wouldn’t reach out to me with interview results in this case. The landlord was transparent in sharing feedback that they believed I was likely to buy a house, given that I work for Google. I never thought that working at Google could be so disadvantageous.”

After continuously getting feedback from house owners and improving his skills, he finally managed to successfully clear the next tenant interview.

“Feel free to reach out to me for tenant interview experiences,” he concluded his post.

You can read the original post here.

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Interestingly, people online weren’t very surprised on knowing about this interesting way of filtering prospective renters.

This is what they said:

Despite having more than 15 years of job experience and earning a decent salary, he had to face this. Aapka Kya Hoga Janabe Ali?

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