Indians Question Country’s Food Safety Measures As 10-YO Dies After Eating Her Birthday Cake

In a shocking incident that took place in Punjab, a 10-year-old girl named Manvi passed away from falling ill after having eaten a cake ordered from a bakery on her birthday. It was her birthday on March 24. A cake was ordered online from a bakery named ‘Cake Kanha’. The cake was cut and consumed at 7 PM and at 10 PM, the entire family fell sick.

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Manvi and her sister started vomiting at night. According to NDTV, Manvi started complaining of having a dry mouth, was dehydrated and constantly asked for water. She was rushed to the hospital the next morning after her health worsened. She was put on oxygen support but she couldn’t be saved. She passed away soon after.

A police complaint has been filed against the bakery as the family has alleged that Manvi’s birthday cake contained poisonous substances. The owner of the bakery, Gurmeet Singh, along with Ranjeet, Pawan Mishra, and Vijay Kumar who are workers at the bakery have been nabbed by the police, reported Indian Express.

“The postmortem of the body has been done. A sample from the cake has also been sent for testing. We are awaiting the reports,” the family said.

This incident has raised significant concerns about food safety measures taken by bakeries, restaurants, and other outlets, especially food delivery applications that may not check food safety measures taken by these outlets before assigning them as partners. Here’s how some people reacted to the incident:

It is only by enforcing strict laws, inspection, and quality control that India can work towards ensuring that incidents of food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses are minimized, safeguarding public health and well-being.

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