Say Hello To The New ₹10 Note. Finally My Monopoly Set Will Look Complete…Almost!

Demonetisation turned a year old and when it happened last year, oh, wait, 2017 is over (Damn, it is 2018! Just keep forgetting :P), and we all have been just getting confused about the change in currency.

In 2016, we bid adieu to ₹1000 notes and ₹500 got a whole makeover.

₹2000 became the flavour of the season. IMO, it’s best note that initiates a lot of savings, because chhutta nahi mila kitne din tak.

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Then, RBI gave us the newbie on the block, i.e. ₹200. Orange-y fun!

Hey, ₹50 don’t feel left out, we remember you too. (You’re kinda hard to miss. That colour tho. Jhatak!)

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And, as the calendar leaf turns to 2018, we are getting a new note, peeps.

Say hello to very chocolaty ₹10 notes.

Haanji! Why should that denomination be left out na?

So, RBI has announced that the new ₹10 notes will enter into circulation soon. Do you know what it means? “That it’s only ₹20 that’s left now.” Yeah, that and that our monopoly set is almost complete.

I mean, think about it. Pink, Dark Green, Orange, Jhatak Bluish Green and now Chocolaty.

But let’s give ₹10 a bit of limelight for now, while I secretly wait for my wish of having a set of Monopoly-coloured cash complete in my wallet come true.

RN, waiting for Internet’s reactions on this, which are coming in 3…2…1.