Wife Builds Temple For Her Dead Husband & Prays To His Idol After He Visits Her Dreams

It is seldom that we witness instances where true love and utter devotion transcend even the death of a loved one. Remember when a husband erected a statue of his wife in her dream home? In a similar sentiment, a woman has built a temple for her husband. 

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In Andhra Pradesh’s Prakasam Ankireddy and Padmavathi were wed a few years ago, however, the husband died in a tragic accident, reports ABP Live. Padmavathi remained distraught even four years after his death. She recently revealed that her husband came to her in her dreams, mere days after his demise.

Ankireddy requested her to build a temple for him. His wife did precisely that along with installing a marble idol of her husband and she has been offering prayers to it ever since.

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Her rationale is that she believed that she saw God in her husband when he was alive. Hence, Padmavathi continues to offer free food to the poor at the temple every full moon. Her son Shivashankar Reddy said that he deemed himself blessed to be born to a couple that was so devoted to each other. He calls his parents an ideal couple.

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What do you think of this gesture of her love?

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