Temple Feeds Gallons Of Milk Offered By Devotees To Hungry Dogs; Watch Video

Do you know what I like better than cute dog videos? People feeding and taking care of our furry friends from the street. For instance, Goa lifeguards creating water stations and preparing food for 200 stray dogs every day, or this Chennai woman eating once a day so that she could provide food to her 13 pet dogs amid lockdown.

A new heartwarming video has surfaced in which volunteers and devotees from a temple can be seen feeding gallons of milk to some hungry stray dogs. Check out the video here:-

Milk collected in temple for rituals is now morally served to feeding strays.This way many hungry tummies are fed.Bring in a change, before all changes against us. @amtmindia salutes this wave of love. www.amtmindia.org/covid19/Can all over temples follow this practice.

Posted by Animal Matter to Me, Mumbai on Sunday, August 2, 2020

In the video, we see them pouring milk collected in a giant can, from the temple’s rituals and ceremonies, into rectangular feeder trays for the benefit of the precious dogs. It is a beautiful sight to see the bunch of furry creatures gather around their bowls.

Places of worship like these are the ones that are truly setting up better examples for kindness and humanity. What do you think?

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