Nagaland MLA Arrives Before Audience At An Event, Says He’s ‘Not A VIP’, Akshay Kumar Reacts

In our country, when it comes to celebrities, politicians, or someone important, people forget the importance of punctuality or showing up for an event, meeting, and interview on time. How many times have you gone to an event and found that the VVIPs and VIPs have arrived at least an hour or two late? I can count innumerable times.

However, Nagaland MLA Temjen Imna Along isn’t one of them. Having already won the hearts of people online with his sense of humour and self-deprecating jokes, he is also punctual about public events.

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He recently shared a picture on Twitter where he can be seen as one of the two people who apparently arrived early for an event, even before the audience! He said that he is not a VIP and that he came earlier than the audience.

Have a look at the tweet here:

A lot of people resonated with this as well as his humour and wished for other Indian politicians and celebrities to be like him. They called him things like VAP (Very Admirable Person) and VIP (Very Inspiring Person). Here’s a look at some of the heartwarming reactions:

Since Temjen Imna Along claimed to have been inspired by Akshay Kumar, the ‘Khiladi’ himself responded to the MLA’s tweet and said that he is inspired by his sense of humour. Have a look:

I think there is someone to give tough competition to Shashi Tharoor on being the coolest politician! Don’t you think?

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