Telangana Village Bans Eve-Teasers & Alcohol For Youth To Ensure Women’s Safety

In the wake of the brutal rape and murder of a 26-year-old veterinarian in Hyderabad, activists and the common folk have gathered to demand from the government better safety measures for women of the country. Recently, Jaya Bachchan suggested mob lynching as punishment for rapists, but that didn’t seem like a plausible solution to many. However, one village in Telangana is taking baby steps towards making their locality a safer space for women.

According to a report by The New Indian Express, a small village in Karimnagar has decided to ban eve-teasers and alcohol to protect its women from sexual predators.

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The panchayat members have decided on banishing eve-teasers or anyone who troubles a woman. Regarding the alcohol ban, the panchayat believes that it has the ability to wake the “demon” in youngsters and have hence decided to not let the youth booze. No changes have been made to the freedom enjoyed by the men.

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This decision was unanimously agreed upon by the young and old alike. In fact, the villagers decided that everyone should treat women with immense respect and as a member of their own family.

Interestingly, no cases of eve-teasing have been recorded in the past three months, ever since the rule was implemented.

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“In the past, we used to be scared to attend functions alone at night. But we are no longer afraid of anyone in the village,” a girl from the village said.

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After seeing the result, people from other villages are also coming to them and learning about the measures that can be taken to ensure a safer society.

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There is no one definite solution to stop crimes against women. There can be many ways in which women can be made to feel safe in society. Like an increased police vigilance, immediate attention and punishment for harassment cases, well-lit and guarded streets, etc. What matters is for people with authority to take the first step.

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