Telangana Shopping Mall Sells Sarees For ₹10 Each, 400 Women Arrive & Cause A Stampede

While having a conversation in our social circles, we spit out a ton of hot takes about the superficiality of life and how people are running after materialistic gains. However, whenever there’s a discount, a corner of our hearts do start to salivate.

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Now, it’s perfectly okay to feel that way because who doesn’t like to buy things at cheap prices? However, while some of us have learned how to curb it, others haven’t, and the scenes at a Telangana mall is proof of that.

According to NDTV, the CMR shopping mall in Hyderabad was offering sarees at Rs. 10 each. And this once-in-a-lifetime offer attracted around 400 women, which eventually led to a stampede.

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Reports say that several people were injured in the incident. A case of theft was also brought up by a woman who said she had lost her gold chain, Rs. 6000 cash, and a debit card. And that’s when the local police arrived to investigate the situation.

You can check out the video of the stampede here:

The News Minute reported that the mall manager has been booked by the police for negligence. While talking about the reason of the stampede, S Anjaneyulu, Siddipet town inspector said that,

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“The stampede started after a woman fell from a narrow ramp that leads to the main store entrance. Three other women fell over her, this created panic and a stampede like situation. The shopping mall staff did not anticipate the crowd, they were ill-prepared.”

The police said that four women were injured, but they went back home after receiving first aid.

It’s quite embarrassing to see our own people showing this kind of disregard for someone else’s property and lives as well just to get a few sarees. Let’s hope this fiasco instils a bit of common sense in them so that the next time they see a crowd, they can just walk away because no amount of discount is worth risking your life for.

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