Telangana Cops Halt Overcrowded Rickshaw & 24 People Tumble Out! Watch Video


One can safely say that jugaad is the boon and bane of a desi life. While we often come up with extraordinary instruments and makeshift gadgets, Indians also tend to take huge risks looking for shortcuts on the road when setting out toward a destination.

Vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road are a common sight in the country. Some states have declared strict laws and penalties against this. However, people still seem to ride triple-seat on bikes and simply cram themselves into a rickshaw to save fare on taking another vehicle. This viral video shows one such rickshaw carrying more than 20 people at once!

Representational Image: Image source

A video posted on Twitter shows an auto-rickshaw halted by the police for excess passengers. A hilarious scene ensues as the cop then goes on to count them as they tumble out. There were a total of not 10… not 20… but 24 people in a single rickshaw! Watch the video, because you have to see it to believe it!


By the end of the video, the policemen asks the horde of passengers to line up for a ‘family photo’. This shocking case of overcrowding has startled citizens online.

While some people are congratulating the police on the catch, others are appreciating that the policemen were not simply bashing the driver. Instead, they were requesting people to think of their safety, and not board overcrowded autos.


While some of the people did make light of the issue, others pointed out that overcrowding vehicles is a huge risk to not just your own safety, but also that of others. Drivers must seat their passengers responsibly. People must also be watchful and refrain from boarding overcrowded rickshaws or other vehicles.

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