IRTS Officer’s ‘Eco-Friendly’ Wedding Invite Grows Into Flower & Vegetable Plants When Sown


A lot of individuals are adopting more eco-friendly ways of living and taking small steps towards a better environment. For instance, an IFS officer gave out visiting cards that grew into a basil plant when planted.

Shashikanth Korravath, an Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) Officer of the 2018 batch and a native of Shadnagar, Telangana, is set to marry soon. To invite guests to his wedding, he has come up with a ‘green wedding card’ made from seed paper. When torn into pieces and sown, the card grows into 3 varieties of flower plants and the envelope grows into 3 different vegetable plants.

He continued, “Papers when disposed cause pollution and also the depletion of green cover from the earth, so, it is high time now that we embark on Eco-friendly way of living.”

Since marriage is like a new beginning of life, the bureaucrat wanted to ensure it is also a “green beginning”. The couple is planning to get married in an eco-friendly manner with minimal use of plastic.


Top Bureaucrat Going Eco Friendly Way for his marriage- CP Cyberabad Shri VC Sajjanar IPS appreciate’s the Great…

Posted by Cyberabad Police Commissionerate on Sunday, 22 November 2020

Congratulations on the wedding and kudos for doing your bit for the environment!

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