Teachers In Telangana Govt. School Are Wearing Helmets As Plaster Is Falling Off The Ceiling

Illiteracy is one of the biggest problems India is fighting. There are so many children who grow up without the basic education and any kind of access to schools or books. But, there’s another problem our country is plagued with, which is also as important. I’m talking about the poor state of government schools where students are not able to concentrate on their studies because of the lack of basic facilities.

Teachers of a school in Telangana wore helmets in classes in order to protest against the pathetic infrastructure. Problems like plaster falling of ceiling and leaking roofs make it very difficult for both teachers and students to carry on with regular classes.


Since the advent of monsoons, the building of Shankarapeta High School has been wearing off. There are leaking roofs, damp walls, and plaster peeling off from everywhere which has forced the teachers to conduct the classes outside the room.


For around 3 years, these students and teachers have been suffering from such problems and have gotten used to it. But after realising that someone has to speak about it, the teachers have taken up this unique way of protesting, hoping it will get the point across to the administration.

Even teachers sitting in staff rooms are wearing the helmets.


Teachers have said that they have brought these problems to the notice of district officials but no action has been taken.

What I can gather from this is that along with taking all the huge ambitious steps, the government should also focus on the already existing schools and make sure that they at least have the basic amenities intact.

Source: Times Now

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