IRCTC To Pay ₹1.62 Lakh Compensation To Passengers For Tejas Express Delays

The trains run by Indian Railways getting delayed and canceled is no news. People have been complaining about the loss they have to suffer because of the delayed trains for years. But all in vain! A ray hope was, however, seen when IRCTC promised a number of benefits with their newly launched Tejas Express.

It is India’s first private semi-high speed train by Indian Railways. An AC car chair ticket for full-length travel from Delhi to Lucknow costs Rs.1280 and Rs. 2,310 for the executive chair car on the train. Each Executive Chair seat has a 9-inch LCD screen with a USB charger and a call button facility to reach the train attendant.

Apart from the airplane-like facilities, IRCTC promised reimbursements to the passengers if the train that runs between Delhi and Lucknow gets delayed or canceled. Special compensation was also announced for household thefts and robbery during the travel period of passengers. And it turns out, the railways is indeed keeping its promise!

India Today reports, on October 19, Tejas Express that was scheduled to depart from Lucknow at 6:10 am and reach Delhi at 12:25 pm got delayed due to derailment near Kanpur. So, the train departed from Lucknow at 9:55 am and arrived in Delhi at 3:40 pm. So, as per the norms, IRCTC will reimburse Rs. 250 each to all the 450 passengers on board for delay of over 2 hours.

Similarly, on the same day, the scheduled departure of the train from Delhi was 3:35 pm. But it left at 5:30 pm and arrived in Lucknow at 11:30 pm instead of 10:05 pm. The 500 passengers traveling by train will be given a compensation of Rs. 100 each for over 1-hour delay.

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The reimbursements amounting to be around Rs. 1.62 lakh would be paid through the IRCTC’s insurance companies. The passengers can get their compensations through the link provided with the tickets of Tejas Express, reports Economic Times.

Ever since its launch on October 6, Tejas Express which runs to and fro from Delhi to Lucknow six days a week was delayed for such long hours for the first time. Later on, on October 20, the train was once again delayed for as long as 24 hours. The passengers of the trains are most likely to get compensation soon.

The train which has female attendants in each coach offers a three-time meal including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food depending on the passenger’s choice. They are also served with refreshments like samosa and cookies with tea and coffee right before boarding and de-boarding.

This is the first time IRCTC is paying a fine to compensate for the delayed trains and we appreciate it. We hope they soon adopt this idea for Rajdhani and other trains too!

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