12 Signs That Show Your Transformation From Teens to 20’s

All of us have lived this major transformation of life. It was the day when our teenage years finally came to an end and we entered our early 20’s. The excitement was as strong as our will to conquer the world. It was that delicate stage of our life where we mentally prepared ourselves to face the world with confidence.

People already in their 20’s will definitely relate to these signs, and people who are at the end of their teens get ready to experience life, as we know it.

1. You celebrate last teen birthday, i.e. 19th birthday with full power

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That moment when you realize you will never again be a teenager!


2. Suddenly you wake up to find out only a year of college is left

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The real world is approaching in full speed.


3. You realize only 730 days are left to officially have your first Beer

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Count down begins *Burp*


4. Your parents stop referring to you as kids

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Suddenly they feel they can discuss ‘A’ rated topics with you openly!


5. Start looking out for colleges that provide further education

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Dude, I have to start preparing for MBA, a year in advance.


6. Your group’s favorite topic of discussion will be: life, relationships, career, self-worth

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And topics like latest games, apps and fashion trends suddenly look juvenile.


7. Make promises with your friends to meet few years later, and see where they all finally landed

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We will be friends forever, no matter where life takes us.


8. Your parents suddenly don’t have a problem with you driving their car

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Wait, isn’t my official age 18 to drive a car, then why now?


9. Make pacts with your best friends

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We will study together, work together, succeed together and fail together. Period.


10. When you feel your days of puppy love have gone

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This is the one I was waiting for all my life.


11. You feel the sense of responsibility

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You’re already eligible to vote for your country and politics interests you like never before.


12. That moment arrives when you’re walking out of the house to start a new life

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Woah! This walk out of the house is quite a walk.

In the end age is just a number, to be a grown up is to have a child in you that comes out every once in a while.

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