Twitter Debates If It Is Healthy For Teenagers To Work Hard & Earn Their Own Money

When we were young, our parents often explained to us the importance of working hard and earning money. Especially when we wasted money on shopping or eating outside, we used to get the age-old dialogue, “You’ll understand the value of money when you begin to earn.”

They weren’t wrong. However, many teenagers nowadays have begun “hustling” early to earn money. One father recently took to social media to express how proud he is of his son for working hard, making his own money, and becoming a “respectable young man”.

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On the flip side, his post started an interesting debate online. People began discussing whether or not it is healthy for teenagers to work hard and earn their own money.

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On one hand, many pointed out that kids will lose out on their childhood if they keep themselves busy with work. Some also expressed that if a kid chooses to spend most of his/her time at work, that means he doesn’t want to spend time at home – which can be a problem.

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On the other hand, many said that by working, teenagers will understand the value of money and will develop a decent work ethic. They will also learn more about life.

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What do you think of teenagers hustling and earning money? Tell us!

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