Uttarakhand Road Fixed After A 15-YO Does ‘Ground Reporting’ On Its Bad Condition


Time and again, we’ve seen alert citizens step up and take action during times of crisis. For instance, a woman from Mumbai went out of her way to warn commuters about an open manhole in the city. Needless to say, such individuals not only positively impact our society but also work towards the betterment of it.

Speaking of which, a 15-year-old recently did a ‘ground report’ about the substandard quality of road work in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, reports the New Indian Express. Suhani Bisht decided to take matters into her own hands after newly laid roads in Dewarkhadora village reportedly started crumbling within hours of being built.

The teenager, an aspiring journalist, shared a video of the 10-km newly laid stretch on social media after authorities supposedly paid no heed to the complaints of the locals. Her ‘ground report’ that showed the pathetic condition of the road was widely shared on social media. As her post went viral, the district administration reportedly got the stretch re-laid within 12-hours.

The road from Gopeshwar to Ghigraan village was constructed recently after a lot of protests from the locals. However, it started disintegrating within a few hours. Suhani was quoted saying,

“I and my father decided to make a video and share it on social media after we realised that no one has been paying attention to our complaints. We are the taxpayers and we should see to it that the public amenities are up to the mark.” 

In her video, the Class 11  student claimed that the villagers were threatened for holding the protests. She even alleged the locals had complained to junior and assistant engineers about the bad quality of construction and sub-standard material but no action was taken. Her father Dheeraj Bisht, who runs a small dairy, said that they were threatened by state public works department (PWD) authorities for complaining about the quality of the road work.

However, Shivam Mittal, assistant engineer, PWD denied the charge. He was quoted saying, “We are looking into the matter, but the claims of threats are plain lies. We are responsible people and are working for the people only.”

Well, kudos to the brave girl. Her actions surely yielded positive results.

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