17-YO In Jodhpur Spends 12-Year Savings To Gift His Mom A Refrigerator On Her Birthday

We all loveĀ our mothers and want to see them happy. As a kid, I used to make handmade greeting cards for my mom on her birthday and Mother’s day. I also remember buying her a handbag with the very first cash cushion I got from my scholarship. All of us have plenty of such stories to share of cases where we have gone far and beyond to make our mothers feel special. But, the story of a 17-year-old, Ram Singh surely takes the cake!

The college student from Jodhpur has been collecting coins in his piggy bank for the past 12 years. Recently, ahead of his mother’s birthday, he came across an advertisement for a fridge in the newspaper. Ram was aware that the refrigerator they had at home wasn’t working well for a long time. So he decided to gift his mother a new fridge on her birthday.

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Ram collected the coins he has been saving for years in a sack that weighed 35 kgs with all the coins. He then headed to the showroom that sold refrigerators. He expressed his wish to buy a new refrigerator for his mother on her birthday at the showroom, but said that he would only be able to make the payment in coins. At first, the showroom owner refused but was later convinced to take the payment in coins.

Ram, however, fell short of Rs. 2000 to buy the fridge, reports Times Now. But impressed with the 17-year-old’s love and dedication towards his mother, the showroom owner gave him a discount for that amount.

“Our old refrigerator had gone bad and my mother used to talk about buying a new refrigerator. I decided to help out by using all my collected coins over the years to buy a new fridge. The showroom owner also help me out and said if my thinking is good he will also help me out. Thus, I went to the showroom with my coins,” said Ram Singh told The New Indian Express.

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He has collected a total of Rs.13,500 in the past 12 years.

“I had kept these coins in an earthen pot at home. I divide the coins into different packets and then put all of them in a sack. When I counted the coins it took me 4 hours. But the shop owner only counted the 5 and 10 Rupees coins. He told me that he believes in my sincerity towards my mom and didn’t count the rest of the coins,” he shared.

Ram’s mother is more than happy to have received such a useful gift from her college-going son. “I am very happy that my son has given me such a memorable gift. I am proud that my son thought about my wishes. May God give such children to everyone”, she said.

What a sweet and thoughtful gesture by the teenager!