Man Helps His Teenage Maid Reunite With Her Family After 12 Years Using Facebook

Reunions are always special. I mean I get so excited to see my parents even after a short vacation. So, just imagine how people feel when they reunite with their families after a couple of years? Especially when the separation was not by choice, like in the case of the Kerala couple separated during the 1947 freedom struggle or the Denmark lad who met his mother in Chennai after 41 years.

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And now, in yet another heartwarming tale, a teenager who went missing 12 years back, will be reunited with her family soon. The girl, Bhavani, worked as a domestic helper to earn a livelihood. She was just four years old when she got separated from her parents from Cheepurupalli in Vijayanagaram district, reports NDTV. She was eventually adopted by a woman and she started living with her in Vijayawada.

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Once, during a routine inquiry by Vamsi Krishna, for whom she worked as a maid, she told him about her separation.

“I used to check the documents of people I hire. So, I asked the girl for documents to know her age. She told me that she does not have any document as she was adopted by a woman when she went missing. I asked her whether she wants to connect with her real parents. She said — Yes. Then I took details from her and started searching on Facebook,” he was quoted saying by News 18.

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He then promptly started messaging some people on FB and finally, someone reverted to his message. “I took his details, which matched the information provided by the girl. He then requested for a video call. He and her parents later confirmed that the girl belongs to their family,” he added. Vamsi had found the girl’s brother on FB.

Undoubtedly, Bhavani said that she was very happy to finally go home and meet her parents. Initially, Bhavani’s stepmother seemed unhappy but later welcomed her decision.

Happy endings are always the best, aren’t they?

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