18 YO Girl Called To School For Extra Classes Was Gang-raped By The Director And Teacher

Teachers are supposed to be the pillars of knowledge propagating morality in children in the safe environment of the school where the children are supposed to feel protected. While we are still nowhere close to the murderer of the 7-year-old in Ryan International, another student has been subjected to brutality.

In a disturbing turn of events, the protectors turned perpetrators of the horrible crime of gang-rape of an 18-year-old and also forced her to undergo abortion when she got pregnant from their vile act.

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The incident occured in Sikar district of Rajasthan where an 18-year-old daughter of a farmer was allegedly gang-raped by the Director of a private school and a teacher of the same school.

The matter came to light after the girl complained of stomach aches last month and after going to the doctor, it was discovered by the parents that the girl was pregnant.

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As reported by Hindustan Times, Kushal Singh, a circle officer in Neem Ka Thana said,

“In their complaint, the family members have said that the accused used to call the victim to the school for extra classes, where they allegedly gang-raped her.”

The investigations of the case suggest that the girl’s abortion was carried out in a hospital in Shahpura where both the accused were also present.

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The family has also alleged that the duo had tricked them into believing that an operation was being conducted when in reality, it was an abortion.

The accused have been identified as Jagdish Yadav, the Director of the school and Jagat Singh Gurjar, the teacher. The police said that according to doctors, the condition of the girl further deteriorated after the abortion.

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Investigations have also revealed that the parents of the victim were present in the hospital where the abortion was conspired. Both the accused are absconding and a search has been launched to capture them.

The girl has been admitted in a hospital in Jaipur on September 7 and police will record her statement when her condition improves.

The school is no longer a safe space for a child and neither is it associated with the same sanctity given to a place of learning. With murders and rapes committed in a safe environment, can anybody be entrusted with keeping our children safe?

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