Teen Slaps His Mom’s Breasts In Viral Video, Twitter Says, ‘This Is Nasty’


The internet is already flooded with crazy people who go to any extent to grab eyeballs. From participating in weird challenges to coming up with unusual videos, they have done it all. Remember how a guy shared a TikTok video of his girlfriend using saliva to unlock her iPhone? If you thought that was too much to handle, then this new video is going to leave you even more disappointed.

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A 17-year-old teenager identified as Aiden Ridings recorded a TikTok video in which he was seen slapping his mom’s breast to the beats of the music playing in the background. According to the New York Post, the eight-second clip that was posted on Feb. 18 has now been deleted from TikTok. However, the viral video has been shared on Twitter multiple times.


In the video, the boy is first seen standing opposite to his mother, dancing to the beats of the 2008 hit ‘Undercover Martyn’ by ‘Two Door Cinema Club’. He then slaps his mom’s breasts simultaneously, leaving people disgusted.

Here’s how people online reacted to the video:





Although this is the most uncomfortable video I have seen in a while, the saddest part is the mother was open to doing it. The Australian teenager reportedly said:

“My mother was open to doing it. I thought it was really funny and I needed to do the video for laughs on my TikTok page.”

He wasn’t even disappointed with all the criticism. “I thought it was funny and I posted it so others can think it’s funny too. And people say some stuff but I just choose to ignore it,” Ridings says.

Well, kids (and also their parents in this case) need to really think before posting anything online just to garner some likes. Don’t you think?

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