Teen Couple Found Hanging In An OYO Room In Dwarka After Parents Refused Their Union

Adolescents these days, especially at the onset of adulthood, are exposed to a lot of pressure and unwarranted griefs. Be it the pressure from peers, family or friends, the imposition can be overwhelming and can even prove fatal in many cases.

In an unfortunate incident of a similar fate, two 18-year-olds, a girl and a boy were found hanging in an OYO room in Southwest Delhi’s Dwarka region. 

The incident looks like an apparent suicide pact, however, no suicide note has surfaced. Reports suggest that the girl was a first-year medical student while the boy was preparing for the IIT entrance exam and they had known each other for three years.


According to investigating officers, the duo checked-in Thursday afternoon and did not step out the entire day. DCP south-west Surendra Kumar said,

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“They had to check out at 12 noon on Friday but when they did not come out till 4 pm, the staff called the police.”


Officials also stated that it looks like the couple who were in love couldn’t face the opposition from their parents. 

“It appears that the couple wished to get married but their parents were against the relationship. We are trying to find out what drove them to take such a step. We do not suspect any foul play as the door was locked from inside.
On approaching their parents, we found that on Thursday morning, the boy had told his parents that he was going for coaching classes and left his home in Janakpuri.”

The girl’s father works with a paramilitary force as an operator and the boy’s father runs a grocery store.

This, in the wake of the all suicides that have been reported just goes to cement the fact that teenagers need counselling and moral support from home before anything else…before they chose to end their lives.

News Source: Hindustan Times, Indian Express

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