16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Has A Message For PM Modi Aimed At Curbing Climate Change

It’s very difficult to turn a blind eye towards climate change considering we experience its effects every day. Especially in India, we can feel the temperatures rising on summers, each year being hotter than the previous one. We also experience dangerous floods during monsoon and unevenly cold winters. Global warming has proved to be the problem of utmost importance people should address.

16-year-old Swedish national, Greta Thunberg, continues to make headlines with her climate change activism. With a Nobel Peace Prize nomination up her sleeve, this teenager wishes to change the world for the better and inspires many to take a step forward in helping our planet.

Taking to Times of India recently, Greta spoke about her journey and didn’t hold back from addressing some of the key issues related to climate change, calling out the countries which should take immediate action to curb the concerning climatic conditions.

She points out how first and foremost the most important step is to spread awareness, and next to control emissions from developed nations.

“First of all, start treating this as a crisis and try to make people aware, and of course, reduce emissions. But since India is a developing nation, countries like Sweden need to go first and reduce emissions more than India.”

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Directly addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Greta said:

Take this (climate change) seriously and act. Otherwise, in the future, you will not be taken seriously. You have such a big responsibility and if you don’t do something, you will be much blamed for this crisis.

She also had a message for Indian school children. Taking about how impressive their school-striking for climate change has been, she says:

“I think thousands of Indians have been school striking for the climate and that is amazing and they are so brave. Those who aren’t striking should read about this climate crisis and see what is going on, and then they need to hold the older generation accountable.”

Greta went on to reveal how according to statistics, India is one of the top countries in the world to emit greenhouse gases which contributes to global warming and thinks it’s sad how none of the countries have a strategy in place to deal with the crisis. Hence, calling out to Indian citizens, she asks them to fully understand the consequences of the crisis and demand action.

“The most important thing that everyone needs to do right now is to read and educate yourself. You will understand what you have to do. I am just a child, just a messenger.”

We hope Greta’s strong message reaches millions inspires them to make their own small contribution to the planet. Remember, one step ahead is enough to make a change.

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