Tech CEO Thrown Out After Abusing Asian Family In San Francisco Restaurant


On the 4th of July, a deplorable racist incident went down in a San Francisco restaurant in Carmel Valley where an Asian-American family was having a birthday party of one of their members over the holiday weekend, TOI reports.

As soon as they started singing “happy birthday”, a man seated on a table near them starting yelling racist remarks at them, and even called them “Asian piece of shit.”

The entire incident that went down was swiftly caught on camera by one of the family members named Jordan Chan, who then posted the video on his Twitter handle:-


After the video went viral, the man was later identified as Michael Lofthouse, who is the chief executive of a cloud computing company based in the city. In the video, he can also be seen and heard shouting, “Trump’s going to fuck you” and “you need to leave”.

What is also seen in the video is how the restaurant’s waitress named Gennica Cochran stood up for the family and confronted the CEO saying, “You need to leave right now, get out, you are not allowed here, get out now, you do not talk to our guests like that, that, they are valued guests, you are not allowed here ever again.”


Social media soon erupted with anger at this racial attack, condemning him for his racism. After receiving the backlash, the man’s company released an official apology on their Twitter handle:-

But people on the internet are not buying it. Here are a couple of reactions:-

A petition has also been launched against Lofthouse to terminate his position as the company’s CEO following his explicit verbal assault:-

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