Teacher Immediately Calls Out Student For Catcalling A Girl In Class, Imparts Valuable Lesson

There have been several incidents of sexual harassment in co-education institutes where teachers and the authorities have turned a blind eye towards what was happening. Instead of ensuring that the school premises is a safe space for all students, they tend to blame the victims instead of holding the perpetrators accountable.

However, a teacher named Babita, whose lessons on History are very easy to find on YouTube, immediately called out a male student for catcalling a female student in his class. She also imparted a valuable lesson for all to learn from.

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The incident happened when a female student was unable to find a seat and was standing in her class. When Babita Ma’am asked her to come towards the front row, a guy catcalled her asking her to come and sit beside him. That’s when the teacher decided not to let it slip.

“If someone tells your sister to come and sit beside them, would you like it? You should stay within your limit,” she tells the guy in Hindi.

“Treat women the way you want your female family members to be treated. The same thing might happen to your sister – if not in a classroom then in buses and autos. We all make our society. If you behave wrongly with someone, then someone else will behave wrongly with your sister. Karma returns back, it’s a simple theory,” she says.

“Make such an environment for your class, be such an able person that someone would want to sit with you. Our behavior shows our upbringing,” she adds.

Here’s a video of the incident:

Several people online called her an inspiration for speaking against catcalling and lauded her for teaching her students such an important lesson on women’s safety. Here’s how some of them reacted:

We truly need more teachers like her in educational institutions!

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