Guy Says ‘TCS Is The New Govt Job’ & Shares The Alleged ‘Perks’ Of Working In The Company

In our country, you will find that the older generation glorifies government jobs and pushes the younger generation to bag one of them. It’s no news that government jobs come with many perks – on-time monthly salary, fixed hours, and job security. Some also think that government jobs are comfortable and employees get to enjoy many breaks in between work.

However, a Twitter user shared a Quora post listing the many perks of working in Tata Consultancy Services, including job security, on-time salary, unlimited breaks and free time.

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Have a look:

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This sounded a lot like the perks enjoyed by government job employees; hence, the user wrote, “TCS is the new government job.”

This seemed the ideal job opportunity for many Indians who went ahead and asked how they could secure a job at the company! Some TCS employees also vouched for some of the points.

But there were some others who were TCS employees who claimed that the amount of stressful work that they go through is overwhelming.

What do you think? Is TCS the new government job? 😛

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