Taylor Swift Wears ₹8K Golden Bangles From Indian Brand In Her Music Video ‘Karma’

Taylor Swift is currently on The Eras Tour where she is visiting various cities across America and singing her best hits from over a decade. There is absolutely no question regarding her popularity in India. Pubs and lounges are hosting ‘Swiftie Nights’ where her fans gather and unanimously sing her songs and have a great time together. Many are also waiting for the time when she will finally visit India and host a concert.

Till that happens, fans are celebrating the fact that for her latest music video named ‘Karma’, Taylor Swift is wearing golden bangles that are sold by an Indian brand named ‘Misho Designs’ that’s run by a woman named Suhani Parekh.

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The Instagram page of the brand wrote, “Taylor Swift stacked up in MISHO’s Pala Bangles for her new tune ‘Karma’.”

The set-of-3 golden bangles cost Rs 8,755.

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This left Taylor’s Indian fans hella excited who are now hoping that the bangles are an ‘easter egg’ hinting that she will be touring in India soon! Taylor is famous for hiding innumerable easter eggs in her songs’ lyrics and music videos. Here’s how some people reacted:

This is such a happy moment! 😀

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