Taylor Swift And Bryan Adams Surprise Toronto Fans With An Electrifying ‘Summer Of 69’ Duet!

If I were to ask a 90s’ kid about the ONE song that cues in major nostalgia, Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69 would probably win it big! The 1985 single from Adams’ fourth album, Reckless, is still quite the crowdpleaser! And you’ll need no further proof of this statement than a video of Taylor Swift’s recent Toronto show!

Taylor Swift, who is on her Reputation Stadium Tour, performed in Toronto this weekend. And joining her on stage for a surprise duet was Canadian singer Bryan Adams!

The duo put forth an electrifying duet performance of Adams’ Summer of 69, which drove the crowd wild!

Taylor began singing the song, and Adams joined her on stage to a raucous cheer! And the rest, as they say, was epic!

“I didn’t even know Bryan was gonna be in town until last night and I asked him completely last minute if he wanted to come sing!! Pretty evident from the videos (um yes I’m posting another one) that I’m FULLY LOSING IT with excitement, and I can’t thank Bryan Adams enough ✨⭐️💫”

Tay-Tay clearly had a blast performing on this legendary song and she made sure her fans knew it!

Taylor even posted an album of BTS pictures from her ‘secret’ rehearsal with Bryan Adams!

There was a video too of how they ‘lost’ Adams during the rehearsal! Whaaaat? Well, don’t worry, he was quite easily found too!

Bryan Adams also looked super excited to be doing this surprise performance with Taylor, and they were clearly having a lot of fun rehearsing for it!

If you’re a true blue Taylor Swift, Bryan Adams, and Summer of 69 fan, this is one treat you don’t wanna miss! Check out the entire performance!

“Those were the best 5 minutes of my life!”