Say Goodbye To Tata Nano, The ‘Cheapest Car In The World’ As Tata Motors Stops Production

If you walk around in your city, you’ll notice that there are more vehicles on the road than there are humans. Every corner is jam-packed with SUVs and sedans. And those who can’t afford those have bought bikes to fill up every inch of the sidewalk. So, in order to make things more affordable and efficient in terms of space, Tata had launched the Nano.

The Nano is like an Indian version of the VW Beetle. It was touted as one of the cheapest cars on the market and for being environment friendly. However, since it had to cut corners to support its price-tag, Nano came off nothing other than tacky and wasn’t exactly accepted by the public. And after a decade-long run, it’s being shut down.

According to Hindustan Times, Tata recently announced that they’re shutting down production of all versions of Nano after dismal production numbers in June.

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The Tata Nano was launched in 2008 and was marketed as the “people’s car”. However, in order to cater to the apparently cost-conscious customers, they ended up producing a one-time gimmick rather than an actual car. Soon after its production, the car was riddled with problems like catching fire and low safety.

While the Indian market showed an upsurge in the purchase of motorbikes, cars and trucks by an average of over 34% in June, the Nano continued to suffer. Tata Motors Ltd. produced only 1 unit in June and there were literally zero exports. So, the company had to come to terms with the truth and shut down its production by saying “present form cannot continue beyond 2019”.

Despite its small run on the market, Nano left a mark in everyone’s mind. So, they shared their memories and opinions about it.

1. That’s a harsh way to put it, but okay.

2. Maybe that will be the next step.

3. The unfortunate truth.

4. In fact, it’s the most popular mode of transport in most hilly areas.

5. It did seem like a potential game-changer.

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6. Probably it was bidding goodbye.

7. That’s adorable.

8. You had to go there.

9. You don’t have to be so harsh.

10. A little bit of optimism goes a long way.

As many have pointed out, although Indians love to be conscious about where they want to spend their money, their ego doesn’t allow them to be associated with the “cheapest car”. And when you couple that up with the Nano’s poor built, you’ve a recipe for disappointment in your hands. However, maybe as technology improves, Tata will be able to come up with a more practical model and Nano will have its day in the Sun.

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