Tanishaa Mukerji On Not Being Able To Make It Big In Movies Like Mom Tanuja & Sister Kajol

When you’re born into a family of talented and successful actors, people expect you to take the same career path and be as famous as them. Actor Tanishaa Mukerji who is the daughter of filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee and actress Tanuja, and the younger sister of actress Kajol also grew up under this pressure.


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She is often asked, ‘what went wrong?’ Recently, in an interview, the ‘Neal ‘n’ Nikki’ actor addressed the elephant in the room and answered why she couldn’t make it big in the film industry.

The Indian Express quoted her saying, “You have to have a strong sense of self.”

“You have to have a strong sense of who you are, and that person will come out on screen. Those are the people who will actually make it, those who have a strong sense of self. Maybe I didn’t make it, because I didn’t have that.”


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Tanishaa added that the industry can mess with your mental health. “Maybe I was more insecure, who knows.”

“The industry can really mess with your mental health because no matter which stage of life you are at, and how successful you are, people will tell you how you should be. It’s very important to come into the industry with a strong backing and family, and go in front of the camera with a strong sense of self.”

Tanisha Mukerji is probably one of the most wise, intelligent and articulated star kid. Her thoughts on struggles faced by unsuccessful starkids show her level of maturity and intellect. Other starkids should take a note. from BollyBlindsNGossip

When quizzed about how tough it is for anyone to have a successful sibling like Kajol, she divulged, “I hate this word tough. If you have a successful mother you have a very easy life. You’re already at a level of privilege that a lot of other people are not at.”

“And then if you have a successful sister and a successful family, you come from so much privilege that ‘tough’ is just a mindset. If you want to buy into that mindset, then yes, your life is going to be very difficult. But if you come from a place of like ‘I’m so lucky that I already got placed in the position, so much access was open to me’ and when you value that, I don’t think you find it tough.”

Brushing off being compared to Kajol, she says:

“She had a different journey. We don’t compare each other. The comparison has been in the mind of the public. When you are a newcomer with privilege, they don’t get a chance to make too many mistakes. They don’t get a chance to learn on the job.”

The ‘Tango Charlie’ actor also opens up about being scrutinized since she comes from a film family.

“Some have had it really easy, and some have not worked. I think it’s subjective, and this industry is all about money. If you’re not bringing in the dollars, the bucks, you’re not going to make it.”

This is what people had to say about her maturity.

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She has in the past, and even today handled these questions with so much grace and dignity. Kudos to her!

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