Tanishaa Mukerji On Being Compared To Her Sister Kajol & Being Expected To ‘Beat’ Her

While relentless pranks and occasional cat fights are common among brothers and sisters; it is never fun to be compared to an overachieving sibling. Tanishaa Mukerji speaks of precisely this as she explains she was expected to compete with her elder sister Kajol.

Clarifying that the two are ‘nothing like’ each other, Tanishaa says that at the time of Kajol’s debut, there must have been expectations for her to emulate their mother and former actress Tanuja, reports HT.

She shares that there were points in life at the start of her career when everybody looked at her. “They expected me to look like Kajol, act like Kajol and beat Kajol. I was like, ‘I can’t be her. She’s got green eyes, much taller than me, curly hair and she’s nothing like me.’ I am sure she must have also had it when mom (Tanuja) was concerned.

“We’ve dealt with that and luckily for us, we have a great mother, who has this amazing confidence. She would tell us, ‘you need to shine, you are a person and you need to be yourself’.” Tanishaa reveals that it bothered her when she was younger. However, now she feels ‘sad’ for those who make such comparisons.

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“It might sound a bit egotistical on my part but I don’t compute it in my brain. No two people in this world can be compared. Not a single soul can be compared to another soul. We all have our own individualities. The moment you start cherishing, comparisons go out of the window,” she said.

Have you ever been compared to your sibling? Tell us.

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