Unlucky Car Thief Ends Up Asking Cops To Help Him Push Stolen Truck, Lands In Jail!

We all know Karma has a way of coming around. And what happened with this car thief from Puzhal, Tamil Nadu, is a classic example of that. Now, you may call it karma, fate, bad luck or just some coincidence. The fact is, something like this usually happens in movies, and when it happens in IRL, it makes for an even funnier story!

On Tuesday night, 27-year-old Balakrishnan, alias Balaji, stole a Tata Ace van from Sathuvachari in Vellore.

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Balaji, who has several priors to his name, stole the mini truck (TN-25 AX 0866) and managed to reach Puzhal, where to his detriment, the truck suddenly broke down.

Balaji then decided to seek help from two men he spotted having tea at a nearby tea stall. Little did he know, this would be his downfall.

The men agreed to help Balaji push the broken down truck. However, when they realised that he did not have a key on him, and that the front window was damaged, the men began to get suspicious.

Unbeknownst to Balaji, these men were actually cops in plainclothes, Constables R Selvamanikam and P Madhan Kumar stationed at Puzhal Central Prison!

They had just finished off their shift and were taking a breaking at the tea stall when Balaji had approached them!

Now, suspicious of Balaji’s ownership of the vehicle, they called the owner’s number which was printed on the back of the truck. And that’s when the truth was revealed.

The phone was answered by one Rehman, a resident of Sathuvacheri, who identified himself as the owner of the truck. He confirmed to them that his truck was stolen from where he had parked it in Sathuvacheri.

Their suspicions confirmed, the two plain-clothes constables apprehended Balaji and turned him over to the Puzhal police.

What a cruel twist of fate for the thief! But what a lucky break for the owner of the truck and the constables! So remember, Karma does come back to bite you in the derrière sometime!