Forget Soan Papdi, Tamil Nadu Boss Gives Royal Enfield Bikes To Employees As Diwali Bonus

As Diwali knocks on the door, working professionals across the country wait with bated breath for their Diwali bonus – be it money, chocolates or soan papdi. That little something brings a lot more light to their lives during the festive season. This time, a boss from Tamil Nadu has exceeded all expectations.

According to Indian Express, a tea estate owner gifted Royal Enfield bikes to 15 of his employees as a Diwali bonus. This happened in Kotagiri, Nilgiris district.

Representational image

The employees were called up on stage one by one and handed the keys to the bikes. All of them started their bikes and went for a ride with their boss. The employees were incredibly grateful for their boss’ grand gesture and thanked him with their whole heart.

“We were never expecting this type of gift. He [the owner] gifted around 15 Royal Enfield bikes whichever we preferred and it is something that I believe nobody will get it, but we got it. We are blessed by his work and the teamwork which we have done,” said one of the employees.

Here’s a look at a video capturing this incident:

The employees are so lucky to have a boss like him! 😀

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