15 Things You Hear If You’re The Tallest One In Your Group

To have a good height can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. Some people appreciate your height and some people don’t. You’re given a lot of nicknames because of your height and you happily accept them all.

Here are some common questions that people with good height usually get.

 1. Woah! Did you have an overdose of Complan as a kid?

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Yeah, 4 times a day, sometimes 5.


2. How tall are you exactly? Must be 6 ft plus na?

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Yeah, but I bet not as tall as the great Khali!


3. Is there anyone else in your family who is that tall?

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Excuse me?


4. Did you hang for hours on a pole, as a kid?

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Just an hour daily, not much.


5. What’s your name lambu?

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I am Groot.


6. Do you fit in small cars?

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Well, you know there is an option to adjust your car seat, I use that 😀


7. How many times do you bend down in a day?

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Depends on how many times I do wrong in a day. 😉


8. Guess, you only check out tall girls/guys, right?

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Have you heard of the phrase ‘Love is blind’?


9. Hey can you please get me that jar from the top shelf?

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Yes ma’am, glad my height is of some good use


10. Things must look different from your height, na?

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Uummm…. I see how bald you’re getting *wink*


11. Have you considered making a career in Basketball?

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I can also be a tall scientist, tall writer, tall engineer, tall entrepreneur, you know?


12. Why don’t you try modeling?

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Sounds like a good idea, you have any contacts?

 13. How is the temperature up there?

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Well, it’s pretty hot you know, I am closer to the sun.


 14. It must be difficult for you to get a girl/guy for your height?

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Hum height se nahi, personality se kheech lete hai!


 15. So, how does it feel to have a height like yours?

Image source

It feels great, people look up to me

To have a good height is to not need a bench to stand up on to look at the world from a different perspective. 😉

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