63 YO Mom And Her 40 YO Daughters Have Frozen Time. That’s It, I Have No Other Explanation.


Remember the time we told you about the beautiful 41-year-old, Lure Hsu. The Taiwanese woman who looks like a dream, no? The Goddess who froze age? Yes, you do. Just to boost your memory, here is she.

But this time, we are going to introduce you to her entire family. Lure’s sister Sharon Hsu, 36 is a Taiwanese model/actress. Lure has another beautiful sister, Fay who is 40. And Lure’s mother is 63 years old and they all look like teenagers! Yes, no kidding.


Don’t believe me, look at this picture. Lure’s mother, 63 is right in the middle of the picture. Lure is on the right and her sister, Sharon on the left.

Yes that’s their mum! She is a retired dancer. Sharon shared this picture on Mother’s day with the caption –

Dear mum! Happy Mothers’ Day!
Just hope you will always be safe and healthy! We love you forever! ???”


The internet had fallen in love with Lure and Sharon. Now, it was stumped at how their entire family looks like they haven’t aged a day. And so, it dug out the third sister, Fayfay Hsu. Fay, 40 is right in the middle of this frame.


And meet the proud father of the stunning sisters!


Sharon, Fay and Lure from left to right.


Now it’s time to meet sisters individually. While you’ve already met Lure, here’s Sharon, who is a famous actor in Taiwan.

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In fact, Lure was discovered when Sharon invited her to one of the events. Sharon has a very unique and hip style.


Here’s Fayfay! 40-year-old Fay, is the second in line and she is incredible too!

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週末早晨好!🌞 #weekend #mornings

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Fayfay confesses that the secret of her ageless skin is drinking lukewarm water in the morning. She says, “I have been doing that for more than a decade. I drink 350ml to 500ml.”

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We can clearly see how these daughters are totally breath-taking. Like mother, like daughters.

If I look close to anyone of you by the time I am even 30, I would consider myself very lucky.

BTW, did anyone find my jaw…I dropped it again!

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