Taiwan President Says She Loves India’s Chana Masala & Chai, Desis Recommend Other Dishes


Indian food is a festival in itself. The perfect blend of seasonings and a generous amount of love makes it flavourful and irresistible. That’s why even foreigners can’t stop relishing them. And among those who often turn to desi flavors when they seek comfort food is Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen.

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Tsai recently took to Twitter and shared that Taiwan is home to many Indian restaurants and surprisingly, Taiwanese people love them. She also added that sipping on Chai transports her back to when she visited India.

Soon after, she asked her followers to share their favorite Indian dishes, desi junta was quick to recommend her an array of options for the next time she tries Indian food.

Some Taiwanese Nationals also appreciated Indian dishes.

This thread is causing a tsunami of flavors in my mouth. BRB, time to have some Butter Chicken and Naan. What’s your favorite Indian dish? Share with us.

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