Tahira Kashyap Screenshots Hilarious Chats With Her Kids & It Sums Up ‘Mom Struggles’

Writer-filmmaker Tahira Kashyap has long been married to actor Ayushmann Khurrana. In fact, the two are known to have a beautiful love story. They are also parents to their son Virajveer and daughter Varushka. The ever doting mum, Tahira recently shared a glimpse of her WhatsApp chats with her kids.

Offering some insight into her struggles of being a mom, Tahira spoke of getting frantic messages from her kids, despite having asked them to text her ‘only if urgent’. Take a look at the screenshots she posted to her Instagram Stories.

The first screen-grab depicts a case of her kid continuously texting ‘please’. “This is just a trailer to the messages I keep getting from my 2 lovable monsters when I am at work! This after I tell them message me only if urgent! And the urgency continues throughout the day,” she wrote.

Next came puppy and cat gifs that beseeched her with ‘pretty please’. “There are more ‘urgent’ gifs,” she explained, adding that “If the gifs aren’t enough then there are these voice notes.”

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She captioned it, “Story of my life.”

Her last post summarized the feeling she experiences after coming home to her kids who eagerly await her return.

Isn’t this absolutely adorable?

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