Taapsee Pannu’s Reply To A Troll Who Called Her ‘Gandi’ For Wearing A Bikini Is KICKASS!

Taapsee Pannu has never been unafraid to speak her mind. Be it her films or opening up about issues of women safety, she has NEVER minced her words.

And that too in a society where a woman’s voice can be easily silenced by (they think) saying that she’s playing the victim card, by shaming her, embarrassing her, objectifying her or treating her as the subject of memes. But taking a plethora of examples into consideration – women of today are simply UNSTOPPABLE!

Proving us yet again, that Taapsee is the woman of steel and a someone’s worthless point of view can simply bounce off her, she spoke to the ego of a TROLL in a language he would understand.

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Recently, Taapsee shared this pic of her in the perfect beach attire against a picturesque backdrop – looking gorgeous as ever.


But it did not go down well a troll who thought he could easily get away by talking shit.


So Taapsee asked him a genuine question and took his ‘constructive criticism’ in a positive manner.

It is so good that the dear troll would, of course, think twice before advocating what a girl should or shouldn’t wear.

Take a bow, Taapsee!

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