Taapsee Surprises Karnataka Girl With A Smartphone So She Can Attend Online Classes


Many have been facing an uncertain time as the world slowly goes digital. Instead of attending schools and colleges, students are now being asked to attend online classes – a luxury for those who aren’t financially well-to-do or live in rural areas where network coverage is scanty.

A girl from Karnataka recently passed her pre-university college exams with flying colours. She scored 94%, making her father immensely proud. According to NDTV, her dream is to become a doctor and she will be appearing for NEET and the Common Entrance Test for admission to professional courses in Karnataka.

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However, as most courses are being held online these days, the father is particularly worried. His salary isn’t enough to buy his daughter a smartphone or a laptop. He washes cars for a living and earns Rs 6,000 a month.

To fund his daughters’ education, he borrowed money from his relatives and sold his wife’s gold ornaments. Yet, a smartphone was way beyond his budget.

As news of the distraught father and his academically brilliant daughter spread, Taapsee Pannu took notice and decided to help the family. According to reports, the actress gifted the girl a new smartphone to help her attend online classes!

“We need more girls to study. We need every child to study. We need more doctors. This is my small effort in making sure our country has a better tomorrow,” wrote Taapsee on Twitter.

Have a look at her tweet here:

What a kind gesture for Taapsee to make! Now the girl can study hassle-free and take a step forward towards her dream of becoming a doctor. Kudos!

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