Khalsa Aid Worker Shared A Video Of His Cute Conversation With A Syrian Refugee Kid

Syria’s name itself runs shivers down the spine! The devastating pictures and videos from the terror hit nation often do rounds on social media leaving people in grief. But sometimes, videos of refugees who have been rescued and given a new life do come forward that give us all a sense of relief.

Remember how the video of an Afgan kid performing a joy-dance after getting a prosthetic leg brought a wave of happiness on social media? Another such video of a Syrian refugee kid involved in a cute conversation with a Khalsa Aid worker is going viral on the internet lately.

The video shared by the Khalsa worker, Ravinder Singh, shows the kid playing with his beard.

The adorable exchange between the two is bringing smiles on many faces on the internet.

Be it a natural calamity or a terrorist attack, Khalsa Aid has always been a prominent organization worldwide that comes to the people’s rescue and have, time and again, restored our faith in humanity.

This heartwarming video certainly made my day. What about you?

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