India UN Ambassador’s Epic Response To Pakistani Journalists Is Winning The Internet!


Yesterday, the United Nations Security Council held a “closed-door meeting” to discuss India’s scrapping of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, reported The Economic Times. After the meeting concluded, India’s Ambassador and Primary Representative at the UN Syed Akbaruddin was open to questions at a media briefing that followed.

One of the main questions that the media, especially that of China and Pakistan, asked was why hasn’t India been engaging in a proper dialogue with Pakistan regarding Article 370.

Sources revealed that Akbaruddin made it clear that everything related to Article 370 of the Indan Constitution is “entirely an internal matter of India and these have no external ramifications”.


When a journalist asked him, “When will you begin a dialogue with Pakistan?”, Akbaruddin had the most epic reply!

He stepped out of his podium, walked to the journalist and shook his hand. He went on to shake hands with 2 other journalists from Pakistan and said, “Let me begin by coming across to you and shaking your hands.”

Watch the video here:

“Let me tell you, we’ve already extended our hand of friendship by saying we are committed to the Simla Agreement. Let us wait for a response on that from the Pakistani side,” Mr Akbaruddin added.


This video now has a separate fan base who are lauding Akbaruddin’s savage response!

Akbaruddin also went on to shut down many journalists with sass when similar questions of engaging in a conversation with Pakistan came along.

“Stop terror to start talks,” Mr Akbaruddin replied, insisting the neighbouring country to curb terrorism first.

And that’s how it’s done! *mic drop*

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