10 Traits Of People Who Keep Switching Personalities Unconsciously


Ever felt like you’re being a different self in front of your family and a different self in front of your friends? Remember that moment when you just stood still and asked yourself, ‘Okay, which one am I?’. Been in that situation where you wonder which version of yours makes you feel most comfortable?

After all these questions, you realise you’re comfortable with all the versions of yourself. Then again how do you manage to slip into all these versions when you deal with multiple groups? When you give it a thought, the idea comes across quite creepy, but here’s the fun part, you’re not alone.

There are many people out there who slip into different characters. No two groups they deal with have the same opinion about them.

Here are the traits that define this set of people.

1. Around parents, they’re either that ideal child or the kind of child that makes them wonder, ‘Is that really what we made?’

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Parents never really know how their kids are when they step out of the house.


2. They’re either extremely open around their parents or totally reserved to the point that parents wonder if they even have friends outside

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And they are completely opposite when around their friends.


3. Some people who feel more comfortable with their friends, talk and behave the way they want. But as soon as they’re home, they instantly slip into a different self that is more reserved

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Sometimes their friends wonder if they crack such jokes or use such language at home?


4. When these people meet new people sometimes they talk so openly and so much that they leave an impression of this super cool kid

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And sometimes they slip into this extra shy character that isn’t comfortable to talk to ask for anything from their friends of many years.


5. These guys have some great qualities like they can dance well or paint or sing, but not everyone’s aware of this

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For some reason, they never show these sides to everyone they know.

Parents: Is that great dancer really my child?


6. People who often slip into different characters do everything to maintain their image the way they have created

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For some people, they are snobbish and for others they are the nicest human on the face of this planet. And these guys want to maintain these versions just the way they are.


7. People are often shockingly surprised by this ability to slip in different versions. What they don’t understand is that these people don’t put in efforts to behave the way they do, it just naturally happens

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They’re not being fake, they’re just confused or maybe not. That’s just how they are.


 8. When they consciously try to be same around everyone, they fail miserably. All the mixed reactions from people who are too shocked to see them like that is too much to handle

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9. Their love life gets pretty complicated because their partners can’t figure out which exactly is their real version

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But when they do figure out, they’re absolutely cool with it because they know their S.O. will balance out every group.


10. It is pretty complicated to explain, but it’s pretty much the reality that you can’t be the same with every group you interact

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You know what? It is fine. There are some things that shouldn’t be shared with every living human you interact. So relax and breathe.

These people are not diplomatic, complicated or untrue. They have just found a middle ground to maintain their balance in the society.

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