German Guy Swims To Work Everyday Because He Just Hates Traffic

C’mon! No one likes waiting in the traffic, amid that honking, unending queues and a lot of people.

What is the fix to it? The situation’s likely the same in buses, trains, autos, metros or any other form of commute. But this is how Benjamin David avoids Munich’s crazy traffic.

Benjamin was so tired of the stressful commute that he decided to swim to work. Now he packs his clothes, shoes, his laptop and other essentials in a waterproof bag, and swims 2 km to work in Munich’s Isar River with his bag strapped on.


Before his work-swim, David always checks the temperature, water current, water level and other meteorological factors. He also dresses according to the weather, be it wetsuit, shorts, or trunks.

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He is laughed at by some bystanders or asked why he does that. But he does what he enjoys and that’s swimming to work; which is very relaxing.

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River Isar originates from The Alps and the temperatures are quite varied at times, but he swims through. Watch the video here.


Tweeple had quite a lot of reactions.

1. People were cracking jokes.

2. This one pointed how he will get toned with time.


3. While one called it crazy.


4. This one had a genuine query.

But that’s actually a great idea. It’s like rolling in exercise with the commute.

Wow, mahn. Can’t imagine doing this in Mumbai or any other city, can we?

Source: BBC