Quiz: From Modak To Malpua, Can You Guess The Origins Of These Indian Sweets?

Whether it is weddings, festivals, or just a normal workday, desi mithais never fail to add sweetness to our lives. Earlier, we asked you to identify the names of Indian sweets like Sitabhog, Petha, and Mysore Pak by looking at their pictures. Now, we’ve come up with another test for true mithai connoisseurs.

Can you guess the origin states of these delicious desserts? Take the quiz and find out!

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1. Which state is warm & comforting Aloo ka halwa from?

2. Basundi - Which state gave us this sweetened condensed milk?

3. Malpua is a delicious delicacy from which state?

4. Bal mithai - Which state gave us this sweet dotted with cute sugar balls?

5. ______________ gaye aur Santra barfi nahi khayi toh kya kiya?

6. Looks like a glazed doughnut but it is Balushahi! This mithai is from _____________?

7. This is the easiest! Guess the origin state of Modaks

8. ____________ blessed us with mouth-watering, crispy Khoya jalebis dipped in chashni.

9. Nap naang - Which state is this purple-hued black rice pudding from?

10. Fried bread topped with thickened milk and dry fruits? Sign us up for Shahi Tukda! Now guess its origin?

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